5 Tips To Managing Your Family’s Entertainment Budget

5 Tips To Managing Your Family’s Entertainment Budget

You may not consider the finer points of finance when it comes to family entertainment. Taking some time to simply have fun with the entire family can appear frivolous to some. However, entertainment is very important for families, so you should consider ways to include low cost entertainment options available. Whether you have a small family of two or three or a larger group to accommodate, you have options that will allow you to have fun with your family on a night on the town or during family night right at home.


Family Night Events

Many businesses and establishments make special offers for families. For instance, some movie theaters try to attract families during the summer with discount offers such as huge discounts on Tuesday matinees for children. Families can see older films together for just a fraction of the cost of a regular movie night. Museums also offer special discounts such as these during various times of the year. Parents can find out if there are family deals for special exhibits as well as look at regularly scheduled programs for children. Sometimes local establishments also hold seasonal events at little or no cost to families, so it helps to keep an eye out.


Libraries have plenty of free events for children and families throughout the year. For example, many libraries hold movie nights on the weekend for films newly released on DVD and Blu-Ray. There are other events such as author signings and book readings that families can enjoy together. Many local libraries will also hold holiday programs including Valentine’s Day events. If you have school age children, you should ask your local library if it holds any summer programs such as reading contests or other family events.

Local Events

Many towns and cities have local annual events exclusive to the region. Many cities have summer street festivals where residents can hear live music or see other local attractions. You can save funds by packing lunch for the family rather than buying food from the food trucks from local restaurants. There may also be city events such as firework displays on the Fourth of July. One local event that continues to grow in popularity in cities all across the country are restaurant events in which diners can buy tickets to sample cuisine from participating local restaurants, so you can begin putting away money in the budget.

Community Programs and Organizations

Of course, there are also many kinds of community organizations with the express purpose of helping families with all their needs including entertainment. For instance, many community centers sponsor city basketball games. There are other kinds of events such as poetry readings and pot luck dinners in which community members can get to know each other. Families can organize day trips to malls or amusement parks, which often have group discounts for larger groups. You can also look for other organizations or simply get together with other families to find opportunities for fun events with discounts for larger groups.

Family Game Night

Your family does not even have to leave home in order to find good family entertainment on a budget. Many families have turned to old-fashioned family game nights as a way to get closer together and have fun with the whole family. A small investment in popular board games can fit right into the budget. Add a few snacks and perhaps prizes for winners to keep the games interesting and you can create a family event everyone will anticipate. There are many ways to keep the family entertained even when you have to work with a limited budget.